Smitty's Log - Session 3
  •  Found a scrap of clothing that looks like it came from a corporate issued clothing. 
  • Firefight with the clean up team.
  • Scrap came from Houston Dynamics.
  • We find a building, found a secret passage in the basement that leads to an alley. 
Smitty's Log - Session 2
  • Jackie Chow called and wants to meet us at Gwelio. 
  • We arrive and Jackie Chow approaches us with a bottle of beer
  • He wants us to kidnap a synth from a VR cafe around the corner
  • He sets down his beer and it explodes and gunfire rains in from the street.
  • We escape and head directly to the VR cafe. 
  • I intimidate the guard and we gain entry.  
  • Xander attacks the attendant and kills him.
  • We throw him in a VR booth and put a VR helmet on him
  • We fight a group of gangsters, break into a vault and find the synth to be dead with an old man performing an autopsy
  • David Wong, dragon head of the 16k triad picked us up, wants us to kill Donnie Zhao. 
Smitty's Log - Session 1
Murder Most Foul
  • I was hired by a woman named Olivia to solve some gruesome murders in district 5.
  • I met with her at the "Crosshairs"
  • She gave me some street names to start with.
  • I didn't see her face but she has blue/black hair and I think she wore a Huston Dynamics Security emblem.
  • Went to the Holoway apartments in district 5 to see a crime scene.
  • I got a tip to show up at the murder scene. There is security here which is odd in this area. Then they hop in a van and drive away. 
  • The scene is cleaned up and the body gone, but I found a couple of blood spots on the ceiling. I move the bed and find a ring – looks like an old battered copper wedding ring. Took a sample of the blood from the ceiling. In the fridge is a moldy block of cheese.
  • As I leave I see two individuals depart from the shadows and approach me. I turn to face them and can see that they are Triad. They tell me a "crew" cleaned it up. He says "Jackie Chow" would like to speak with me. He is a red pole (Lt in Triad).
  • They have a car and I get in willingly. They say both of their names are "One". They take me to a bar called Gweilo in China Town. I see a well dressed and pompador Jackie Chow who approaches me. He says he has business to attend to and he thinks I could help. There are two others here. An offworlder named Leach, and a gutterpunk named Blox.
  • He tells Blox that he will provide protection for him because he has information. They are concerned about the murders happening in their territory, and the crews that come in and clean it up. Unable to identify them. 
  • He brings us real beef in a meal to eat. 
  • He wants us to retrieve something from the Wi Chi warriors and he will be 100k wonglongs for it. He says we'll know it when we see it. His associates will tell us where it is. 
  • The 15th floor of an apartment block where the WiChi warrior hideout are. Apt 15b two guards outside the door.
  • Had a drink with Leach and Blox, they saw the body and it was torn in half. Simply and brutally torn apart. 
  • We leave and head over to the apartment building.
  • Met a guard named JetSet, he thinks we are with the Washington Street Crew, he lets us past into apt 15a. We recoverd a mech and returned to to Jackie Chow. He paid us as promised.

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